Ronnie Roth

From:   Johannesburg, South Africa
ARRIVED:   1976


Ronnie was born in Johannesburg on December 24, 1938. As a youngster, Ronnie was active in various Zionist movements. Later, while in his late teens, he became a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces. During his time in Israel, he also worked on a kibbutz.

By the time he was twenty-five, Ronnie had returned to South Africa and was working in the hospitality industry. In 1964, he married Sandra Benn of Port Elizabeth and together they settled in Johannesburg. Ronnie and Sandra had their first child, Chantal, in 1966. They subsequently had two more children: Gavin in 1969 and Elena in 1973.

Unhappy with the political situation then prevailing in South Africa, the Roths planned to emigrate. In 1975, UJA offered Ronnie employment as a fundraiser. He immigrated to Toronto the next year, his wife and children joining him a short time later. After completing his UJA assignment, Ronnie started work as an insurance broker, opening KRG Insurance Brokers with two partners in 1980.

Outside of work, Ronnie became interested in immigration issues and co-founded the Southern African Jewish Association of Canada (SAJAC) to help other individuals and families from southern Africa adjust to life in Canada. Ronnie served as president of the organization from 1976 to 1981 and again from 1986 to 1987.

In addition to his work helping new immigrants, Ronnie has been involved with B’nai Brith Canada. B’nai Brith Canada awarded him with an achievement award in 1986 in recognition of his many contributions to that organization. He was also a recipient of Israel Bonds’ Negev Award along with his wife Sandra.

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50th birthday